How to Write a Blog

by Allan and Dawn on December 2, 2010

No one expects us to be perfect writers. Your readers are visiting your site for one or a combination of the following:
• To be entertained
• To learn
• To buy

Whether we are chatting to each other or writing a blog our aim is to communicate. Communication is successful if the listener/reader understands the intended message.

If your reader leaves the site feeling that their purpose has been fulfilled then you may consider your writing has been a success.

You don’t need to know how to write flowing correct copy and create a literary masterpiece.
When we write we should try and use the same words we would use when we speak. Ok, maybe drop a few of the ‘ums’.

Writing grammatically correct requires knowledge of the structures that make up the English language. This attention to detail is not necessary when we blog. Bending the rules is acceptable as long as your sentences are coherent.

However, if in doubt, the spelling and grammar check on our computers makes writing our blog easier. And if you do get stuck for words then Thesaurus is a wonderful tool on our toolbar.

For some reason many of us feel as though when we start writing that we should be looking for big words. Not so! Using big words may make you sound pompous.

What to write about? This is never a problem for us – although we appreciate not everyone has a head full of crazy thoughts and ideas churning around. If you are stuck for ideas then tell a story. We all love a story.

Tell us about something that happened to you recently. Tell us about something/someone who annoys you! Is it that same sales assistant who insists upon calling us ‘luv’. Sorry, we know in other parts of the world this is considered acceptable, almost an endearment. However, it is something some Australians still view rather dimly when sales folk do it in our country.

As it is your own blog what you write is your choice. Every time you blog the content does not have to be brilliant and bring you ‘authority and provide compelling benefits’ – har! Take the pressure off yourself – have some fun!

Remember though:
• keep paragraphs short
• choose simple words
• write short sentences where possible
• don’t repeat yourself

Lots of luck (and please – no scrutinizing this work of art! hehe)

Allan and Dawn

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