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Changes On The Internet

by Allan and Dawn on October 29, 2012

Anyone new to the internet who happens to chance upon this site we welcome you.

Much of the information on this site is now extremely outdated so please be advised to ignore most of our worldly wisdom..LOL

The past year has seen the way the internet worked, turned on it’s ear.

Many people have lost their livelihoods overnight due to the changes. Google has introduced revolutionary changes called things like The Panda Update and The Penguin Update. Please search them online if you have no knowledge of these updates if you propose starting a business online.

No-one can really complain as many folk have had a pretty good run over the years. It is unfortunate that there wasn’t more warning for some internet marketers from Google of forthcoming changes.

With some warning they could have put in place plans for another income. There were young Dads and Mums out there whose sole income was from the internet. Overnight it disappeared!

In the past getting ranking with Google was all about getting links – well that is finished. Certain links can actually harm your site.

If you are new to the internet and thinking of running an online business then take note of the consequences of Google’s latest changes for some marketers. Their income has completely gone.

Therefore our message would be to ensure you diversify with your income. Remember that old saying about putting all your eggs in one basket!

Allan and Dawn


Spinning Software Makes Getting Back Links Easier

by Allan and Dawn on October 8, 2011

Writing articles is time consuming and yet it is still important that you get the backlinks out there. When we first started we did what most others do and went hunting for the spinners that were free. Unfortunately we were disappointed. The free spinners out there simply produced an extremely awkward piece of rubbish to read. At that stage we were quiet happy to reject spinning but we have since learnt that submitting articles and getting backlinks is important for SEO.

If you are new and don’t understand what an article spinner is it is software that churns out new spins on your article by changing words and phrases using synonyms. Hundreds or thousands of versions of articles can be spun from one article. The better article spinners do an acceptable job. Up to date we have used Best Spinner but now there is a new spinner available which appears to address the issue of incorrect grammar. It is called Spin Rewriter and it has received an overwhelming response from marketers. The problem with spinning software has been that words in the English language can have more than one meaning. For example penning a letter is quite different to penning some sheep. Article spinning software cannot tell what meaning you want for the particular word. So you can end up ‘writing in sheep’ because the software did not know you meant the other penning! Spin Rewriter reputedly addresses this issue! Also this software is online which permits a lot more convenience. We shall be interested to see how it goes.

For a small annual outlay of money one article can be spun into many different articles and then submitted. This obviates the problem of submitting duplicate content. You will find as you go along that time is the issue with creating an online business…there is not enough of it. Therefore if you could reproduce ten articles from the one this saves you a heap of time. Remember to put back links in your articles or the bio back to your sites to collect your hard earned link.


Allan and Dawn


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September 15, 2011

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August 28, 2011

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The Dilemma For Beginners To Internet Marketing

August 11, 2011

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Allan and Dawn and Their Take On Internet Marketing

July 28, 2011

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